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Helen Cronin

Honey Bible Study

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A Christian all her adult life, Helen asked the Lord Jesus into her heart and life in her early twenties. She was first married to a faithful Minister in the Church of England. And served beside him for the last ten years of his walk on earth. After four years as a widow, God blessed her with marriage to a gifted craftsman who loves the Lord too!

Helen says " Throughout my Christian walk I have loved Bible reading and Bible Study. In recent years I have become more aware of my fellow believers struggling to know what to read, how to study, and even if they could study the Bible on their own. I felt a call to begin the website Honey Bible Study, to help everyone who believes in God; to read and to study the Bible for themselves, using a variety of study methods - old and new!".

Helen lives in Dorset in the UK with her husband and two dogs. Her many interests are reflected in her activities which have included teaching paper crafting for six years, being filmed for an episode of a UK television gardening programme, and establishing a garden design advice website.

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Helen Cronin