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Amy Benham

Owner, The Quiet Homemaker

About this speaker

Hi, I’m Amy, creator, and author of The Quiet Homemaker. I am a former Assistant Director and teacher in the childcare industry. I have a Masters Degree in Business Management with a minor in Organizational Psychology.

I made the decision to be a SAHM after marrying my amazing husband and having our third child. I now homeschool our youngest while running The Quiet Homemaker and my husbands electrical business.

My passions are God, my family, homeschooling and encouraging others, and crafting. You can usually find me enjoying the sunshine (unless it is cold!), reading, or crafting. I have an unhealthy obsession with coffee, chocolate, and books!

Jesse and I have been married for 10 wonderful years and together we have 3 amazing boys. We live in the north Georgia area where we have views of mountains and farmland. We have our own little plot of land where we are building our own little cabin in the woods.

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5 Keys to Fighting Fear and Unlocking the Creative Light within You


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5 Keys to Unlocking the Creative Light within You

Amy Benham