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JoDitt Williams

Artist/Author, JoDitt Designs Artist & Author of "Delight in the Word of God" Devotional Coloring Book Series 🖍 Host of Monthly Delight in the Word of God Challenges

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JoDitt Williams is a writer, speaker, licensed artist, blogger and online gift shop owner, with a goal of brightening her little corner of the world, and helping others do the same. Her signature style is colorful, cheerful and charming. 🌈 😊 💗

JoDitt shares her Scripture art in order to cultivate delight in the LORD and in His Word. She has a passion for encouraging, uplifting and inspiring women to live a life full of joy, while gaining victory over fear. 🦋 That's why she hosts the monthly Delight in the Word Challenges, and blogs at about hiding God's Word in your heart. 🎨 JoDitt also teaches virtual workshops and e-courses, combining art and creativity, with encouragement, truth and accountability, to help 👸 God's Princess Warriors fight (and WIN) the good fight of faith. 💑

JoDitt and her husband of over 30 years are empty-nesters, who traded their house for an RV and their horses for a Harley. They, along with all of their family call Texas home, (including their two married children and three grandchildren.)

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JoDitt Williams