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Regina Yoder

Everyday Faith Co-author of Amazon best seller "Complete Guide to Bible Journaling". Bible journaling workshop instructor.

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Regina Yoder is an inspiring author, women’s ministry leader, homeschooling instructor, inventor and mom of eight who finds her balance in those roles and other entrepreneurial endeavors firmly rooted in the Word of God. She is passionate about helping women experience a deeper level of intimacy with Christ through the art of Bible journaling. She is the co-author of an Amazon Best Seller “Complete Guide to Bible Journaling”. Regina has also written and produced a Bible memory system, Clubhouse Kidz, in addition to designing, developing and patenting a line of creative tools for scrapbooking and Bible journaling. She currently teaches Bible journaling classes and is creating an online Bible journaling Bootcamp. Regina makes her home in central Illinois’ Amish country with her husband and eight children where the locals commonly recognize her by her 12 passenger “Yoder-Toter”.

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Regina Yoder