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Amanda Davis

Incandescent: How To Have a Jesus-Glow that Warms the World Around You

A Session by Amanda Davis (Devotion In Action)

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About this Session

Ever known someone who drew everyone right to them when they walked in a room? It just seems like they make a cold place warm simply by their presence. How do we get that Jesus-glow that will draw hearts into His presence and warm the world around us?

This session will explore how we can become Incandescent Christians, as well as provide some fun and easy bible art journaling techniques (a free printables!) for pages about being the light in a dark world.

Come journal with me during this session! You will need: -A Bible you feel comfortable journaling in -The printed out Free Incandescent Session Printable -A pencil -A black pen/marker for outlining -Something to color in the picture (I will use watercolors, but you can use colored pencils, crayons, markers, whatever you prefer)

Let's have a great time learning about becoming Incandescent Christians while we Bible art journal together!

When you finish your page, I'd love to see it! Share on social media with the hashtag: #BeTheLightBJC

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Incandescent: a 10-day Devotional and Bible Art Journaling Guide


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Amanda Davis

Amanda Davis

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