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Connie Denninger

Introduction to Visual Prayer and the Devotional Life

A Session by Connie Denninger (Co-Founder, Visual Faith Ministry)

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About this Session

What does a transformed prayer life look like? After years of frustration and learning about Visual Prayer practices, Connie brings encouragement that there can be a New STORY. This session will share simple tools and adaptations that may help you to discover your own Prayer IEP- ( Individualized Education Plan) What works for you? How can you adapt resources to fit you best interactive style? Sharing Prayer cards, Secret Code Prayers, Praying Scripture, Blessing others with Prayer, Prayers by the Month, Seasonal Devotional Calendars. Join in to get some great resources for your prayer toolbox that address the challenges of slowing down, paying attention and dealing with distractions.

About The Speakers

Connie Denninger

Connie Denninger

Co-Founder, Visual Faith Ministry

Family Life educator. Masters in Church and Community Leadership in 2013 with research area of Women and Spiritual Formation. Blogs at Vintage Grace- and leads of team of 60 Visual Faith Coaches. Pinterest influencer.