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Wendy Speake

Renaissance Mom — fitting Your Creative Life into Motherhood

A Session by Wendy Speake (Author)

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About this Session

Join Wendy for an honest conversation about how impossibly hard it seems to fit our creative passions into the practical places of family life! While it is common to experience a season that I refer to as "The Dark Ages," we all know that historically there was a CREATIVE RENAISSANCE that followed those dark years. You may be in a dark season right now, longing to create again.

There's no better way to get started than incorporating your creative-life into the ordinary places of real-life. Whether that looks like Bible Journaling, prepping crafts for your daughter's preschool class, singing in the choir at church, throwing birthday parties, taking portrait of neighborhood kids, or finding some fun new recipes to add into the old-standards you serve your family each week... there are ways to start exercising your creative muscles again.

We will also talk about our tendency to get angry at our loved one and run down, when we have not made our faith life and creative life a priority. We're going to discus how to communicate those needs to our loved ones in a way that is respectful and helpful, not emotional and unproductive. I can't wait to touch on all these points and more. See you soon!

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Wendy Speake

Wendy Speake