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Amanda Hargove

Journaling and Grace Traveling Bible

About this speaker

My name is Amanda Hargrove and I have been happily married to my husband Andy for 25 years. We have two amazing kiddos, Adam, and Alayna. I have been Bible Journaling for almost three years now. I can honestly say the Lord has used it to dramatically change my relationship with him. It has brought me closer to him and allowed me to hunger for him like I never have before. He has also used Bible Journaling to begin a small ministry to share completed journaled Bibles with others who are hurting, in need of a savior, lost loved ones, or just in need of encouragement from other Christian woman. I pray that through this conference the Lord will speak to others to begin their own Traveling Bible groups and possibly grow the ones he has started with me.

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The Story of the Traveling Bible

Amanda Hargove