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Amanda Hargove

The Story of the Traveling Bible

A Session by Amanda Hargove (Journaling and Grace Traveling Bible)

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About this Session

The traveling Bible is about gifting Bibles that have been journaled in to those who need it most. These Bibles have traveled the states and have laid in many creative hands. They have been prayed over, drawn, colored, painted, written, and loved in by many women. They have been passed from hand to hand to eventually end up to one recipient whom the Lord chooses. Either they've lost a family member to cancer, or they are suffering from cancer themselves. They maybe a survivor of cancer or simply struggling to find their way back to Christ. Whatever the circumstance, the Lord places the completed Bible to whom he sees fit. We are just the hands that provide and create.

About The Speakers

Amanda Hargove

Amanda Hargove

Journaling and Grace Traveling Bible